Any business impacted by government, the community or competitors should reach out for acknowledged experts to help plan the strategic and tactical maneuvers for effective solutions.

From the Court House to the State House, our experience in politics, community relations, issues advocacy, public affairs and strategic communications enables us to open doors and create opportunities.

We use the most effective problem-solving techniques to produce the type of plans that complement our political and public policy solutions.

Issues Advocacy and Government Relations

Whether supporting legislation to enhance your position, or opposing legislation that is against your interests, Pathfinder Resources, L.L.C. has an extensive track record as an effective advocate for client interests.

We can also help you set priorities and focus your non-legislative government relation’s objectives, identify the key decision makers in all departments of government, and explain the process of dealing with them. The mark of a true professional in the government affairs field is being able to articulate the needs of the client within the often-deafening crucible of the public policy arena. (Monitoring legislative and executive branch actions, assisting with client testimony at legislative hearings or with presentations to state departments, agencies, bureaus, analysis of trends, advocacy)

Public Affairs

Pathfinder Resources, L.L.C. depends on and can deploy an array of political, media and public relations techniques when a volatile community issue threatens a company project. Yet, we also identify the pitfalls beforehand, and work to soften any impact upon the community.

Strategic Communications

Pathfinder Resources, L.L.C. can help identify government and non-government business opportunities within your industry, and provide the technical and political analyses in order to effectively compete.

Finally, Pathfinder Resources, L.L.C. researches and reports how your issue will fare in relation to other priorities within the government bureaucracy. These political and government policy trend analyses can complement your own in-house technical studies to provide a final decision document with a complete perspective.

We also speak to top company executives and managers at special meetings or company retreats on the latest political and policy crosscurrents from town halls to Trenton. Companies use this service so their front-line decision-makers are not left in a political vacuum.

We aim to eliminate that after-the-fact business lament: “If we’d only known about this a year ago…”

With us, you’ll know.